As I said in the previous post the challenge is to expose the sky properly as well as retain some detail in the foreground. here is the promo again

We ( Me and my colleague Rhian Mai photography) used a Canon 5d mk3 with a 14mm lens for the wide shot of the cottage and the stars, where Orion lands up directly above the cottage which was very pleasing!

Every situation varies but these were the settings the camera was set to.

Firstly it’s important you film in RAW so you have uncompressed images you can work with in post.

Put your white balance to one of the pre-set settings, tungsten is ok. You can change the colour temp in post.

Also turn ‘long exposure; noise reduction’ off as it will double your exposure time which is what you don’t want for time-lapse. You should also turn auto ‘image review’ off to save battery time.

Put it in manual focus.

As I say the settings will vary to each situation so take a few pictures and do a few tests before deciding on your shutter and aperture. For this promo we set the shutter speed at 30 seconds and aperture at F2.8 and ISO 1600. Some cameras can’t take a high ISO which can cause a lot of noise. Again have a practice and see what works before taking the plunge and filming for a big shoot.

It’s a good idea to get your F stops as low as possible as we need as much light in to the camera as possible for those stars to stand out.

You also need to decide how often you want to take a picture. You should use a Velometer for this where you can set the timing.   Be sure you make it more than the shutter speed which in this case was 30 seconds. It takes the camera a few seconds to process the image so if you set it at 35-37 seconds you should be ok.

From this shot we got around 16 seconds of footage. Which took us around 4 hours filming. We managed to set lights on to the cottage on the foreground which come up very nicely. Obviously the inside of the cottage is over but you can’t have it all! its about finidiing that balance with on site trial and error so give yourself plenty of time.

Time-lapse filming of the stars can be great fun and surprisingly stress free of if your settings are right.  Your outside looking up at the galaxy and beyond! What can be better?  You feel very connected to nature although the immensity of it all makes you feel rather insignificant! Just make sure you take a flask and sarnies and keep warm!   It was freezing when we filmed this!