The Promo films as you will see are on Kayaking on the Teifi,  A Romantic weekend  visiting various parts of the county.  Sand yachting on Pendine Beach. Horse-riding , Kids dressing up as nights running around Castles. Stargazing from a remote cottage,  foraging in amazing woodland and a main promo film showing off the county.

We filmed most of it on a C100 with atomos Ninja.  Which gives you beautiful images (prores 4.2.2) a GH4r on a Ronin M Gimbal. Some use of a Gopro Hero 4,a Sony F5 for 1 shoot.  And drone shots from various drone operators.

What really strikes you when you visit Carmarthenshire however is the sheer range of landscapes it has within a relatively small area.  Dramatic mountains, wild inhospitable moorlands, dense  emerald Oak woodland, lush verdant river valleys and vast stretches of epic beach  It’s like a bit of mini Wales! All the elements of Wales rolled in to one county.

When you think of Wales as a holiday destination you think of the allure of the hidden and magical coves and sandy bays of the Pembrokeshire or The epic craggy peaks of Snowdonia.  And justifiably so! But Carmarthenshire also has a distinct character all of its own.

So Let me give you a bit of a grand tour to give you just a small flavour of these locations that we filmed at! Only a mini grand tour as there are many routes in this magical part of Wales.

Imagine yourself firstly in a nice car something like a classic MG roadster maybe. Top down of course! You enter Carmarthenshire right at the end of the M4. Yes this big road that starts in the big smoke ends in Carmarthenshire so (their rather different).  If your driving from its source or joining it at any time just drive in a straight line to the  very end.

Its starts getting seriously leafy and lumpy pretty soon! Looks for signs to Llandeilo, a gorgeous hilltop town steeped in history great pubs and fine eateries.  This part of Wales was one called Deheubarth and was controlled by the lords that  that lived in Dinefwr castle a spectacular hilltop castle nestled in the woodlands in Dinefwr park just outside the town. We filmed part of a romantic promo here on gorgeous autumn day check it out here .

We shot it on a C100 and GH4 on a Gimbal. Shooting in to the sun really worked in this instance and having movement as often as I can works best for the theme of adventure rather than too many static shots.

Llandeilo is perched above the western bank of the meandering river Tywi which is traversed by a massive stone bridge The biggest single span stone bridge in Wales I’ll have you know!  Make sure you walk across it; it’s a fair drop to the bottom. You may catch a few otters frolicking in the undergrowth just below the bridge!  Their after the sizable sea trout that often lurk in the big pool below the bridge. Some of the best sea trout fishing in Britain can be found here. Such is the beauty of this place Turner turned up here in the1790s to paint an early version of the Bridge check out the painting and the epic story of the bridge

When you’re in Llandeilo stop off for a pint in the White Horse and an ice cream at Heavenly Ice Cream over the road then head up the stunning Tywi valley, a broad alluvial vale with bucolic villages edges by tumbliing forests, a massive iron age hillfort (Garn Goch) crouching under  the brooding Black Mountains . This is the least explored very western edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park and that’s where we are going now!

Head for Llangadog a former Drover town that used to have around 50 pubs in its heyday.   It had around 10 when I was a little younger.  Thick necked Drovers used to stay here driving their livestock over the Mynydd du  ‘( Black Mountain)  on their way to England’s  livestock  markets  in Smithfield and the Midlands.  What a night out it must have been!

Follow signs for Llanddeusant.  Its gets seriously windey and high hedged here but when you get a chance to peek through the gate openings, and when the summer sun hits the hilltops here it’s truly a sight to behold. You feel you’ve come home even if  you’ve  never been here!  The folds  of hills form rippling waves under the moorland above;  they will often in the evening golden hour put on a display of shifting shades of green  as the sun and clouds throw light and shade over them .This is very beautiful to film in a time-lapse shot! The darks presence of Carmarthenshire high ground looks down ‘humped in silence’ as T S Eliot once said! I don’t think he’s bee here though! Park up somewhere here for a little while, maybe take a packed lunch a flask of coffee and lean on a gate. Look out listen to the sound of nature; watch the shards of light dance over the land and a few red Kites circle overhead before  you  head up a mountain lake and embark on one of the greatest  ridge walks in Britain!  I’ll continue this little trip  and go up Llyn- y fan soon but if you want to get a feel of some Carmarthenshire’s diverse  landscape  check  out our work either here on  our vimeo   or on the Carmarthenshire web page   I don’t mind as long as you sample the diverse flavours of this intoxicating county!