I know Carmarthenshire feels back in time most of the time with its slow paced life, and that’s where we are going now; back in time!

Indeed I think sometimes the rhythm of Carmarthenshire is akin to an old mossy laden waterwheel being fed by one of Carmarthenshire many streams that tumble out of its boggy uplands. Its moves slowly most of the time and sometimes comes to a standstill when the water is at a trickle yet then its springs to life in a flood of energy and excitement at certain times of the year!

Anyway less waxing! What Im trying to say is if your looking for an authentic back in time experience I have just the place for you! Also by going and staying at the place Im going to suggest you can also get a double dose of authenticity that will leave you positively intoxicated by the end of a weekend or week. Of course Im talking about tow kinds of time travel. The place to visit and the stars in the sky.

So from Carmarthen head for the little village of Meidrim. Go through lovely Meidrim and out on to the top and in to deepest darkest West Wales! Well it’s not that deep actually but it is dark as I will come to latter. The cottage I advise you to stay at is Ty Unnos in this area.  Check out the website and get the contact details for the exact location here www.thewelshhouse.co.uk. You can also see and get a feel for the interiors in the film we did of the cottage in the work section of this website.  Well! there is nothing like this cottage in Wales! Here is a rough description…

Tŷ Unnos is a romantic, traditional Welsh thatched cottage. Built from local materials,a typical croglofft cottage. It has an open living space with a huge fireplace with a lovely wood burning stove which is in an open-plan living space with a sleeping loft over it.  It feels like you’ve left the 21st century behind at the main road, caught the horse and cart taxi and gone back in time to around 1843 (or earlier) by the time you arrive at the cottage at the end of the lane.

Ty Unnos literally mean One night house. No that doesn’t mean that your only allowed to stay here for one night only! Ty Unnos  is an old Welsh tradition going back to the seventeenth century, that if a person could build a house on common land in one night, then the land belonged to them as a freehold. Other variations on this tradition were that the test was to have a fire burning in the hearth by the following morning that the squatter could then extend the land around by the distance they could throw an axe from the four corners of the house. I like this idea.

It is a truly amazing, remarkable place which you have to try at least once! It’s incredibly atmospheric and a wonderful experience. To me it feels like I was filming at a Rebecca Rioters cottage!

The Rebecca Riots were a series of protests against conditions in the rural areas of Wales between 1839 and 1843. Basically it was men dressed up as women and attacking and smashing down toll gates on the roads of Wales. And your right in the heart of where it all happened in this part of Carmarthenshire! So you could well be stepping in the footsteps of Twn Carnarbwth, Sioni Scubor Fawr (Sioni the big barn) some of the most famous heavies of the riots.  Or the mysterious Rebecca Her/himself! Check out the fascinating history of the riots here http://bbc.in/RKYW3f

Staying here you can walk the local fields, or You can cook in the cast-iron stove or just sit by the fire. I think if you sit by the fire cooking simple food you won’t want to get up!

There is also larger farmhouse called Bryn Eglur here which is equally lovely and authentic, check it out on the same website.

So your at the cottage, that’s enough! But this is a great place for one very special thing. Find out what it is and how we filmed it in the next blog…